Our Capabilities
and services

Founded by experienced cannabis industry operators, Final Bell offers an owned, end-to-end supply chain solution that allows leading cannabis brands to quickly move products from concept to shelf, across multiple geographies, while maintaining the quality and experience their customers demand.

Our end-to-end process

Hardware & Packaging

Non-Plant Touching

Purpose built cannabis hardware and packaging specialist, with in-house manufacturing, providing top cannabis brands with innovative design and technology.

Brand Design & Product Development



Master Manufacturing

Plant Touching

Our licensed manufacturing facilities provide product formulation, oil-extraction, device filling and co-packing for the top cannabis brands in California and Canada.

& formulation

& Filling

& Automation

B2b Sales
& Marketing



Our state-of-the-art licensed facilities in California and Canada provide formulation, processing, filling, co-packing, and scaled production for the industry’s leading brands

Specialized Vaporization Hardware

Via 14th Round we develop and manufacture industry leading, proprietary hardware solutions for cannabis companies that want to stay at the cutting edge of technology

Child-Resistant Packaging

14th Round offers beautiful, fully-custom, child-resistant packaging to fit the needs of any brand from boutique producers to the world’s largest multi-state-operators

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